Aunt Linda's Kitchen, LLC
"Customizing Your Sweet Dreams"
Serving the Northern/Central NJ, and NY areas. Located in Morris County, NJ (201) 280-8372
Who is Aunt Linda?


When first encouraged by her co-workers to sell her Christmas Cookies under the guise of "Aunt Linda's Cookies", Linda laughed at the idea.  For years she had made plenty of cookies and cakes as gifts and novelties at work, but never did she think she had enough talent to make it into a business.

The youngest of six children, and an aunt from the age of 10, Linda grew up in Northern New Jersey just outside of New York City where she started her love of baking early in her teens.  It was then that she took on her first high school part time job as a counter person at the local bakery.  "I can still remember standing for hours at the crack of dawn making cookies on a Sunday morning" remarks Linda when reminiscing about those years in the bakery.  "It was a good experience though, I would not trade it for anything... I learned a lot and had a lot of fun."  For most of her teen years and early in to her college years Linda worked weekends at the bakery. 
In 2000 Linda started a new office job.  From time to time Linda would bring in baked goods to share with co-workers.  Each holiday season Linda would bake over a dozen different kinds of cookies to share as gifts with them.  As time passed she had more and more requests for her baked goods.  They encouraged her to start a business.  Some even asked her to make special items for birthdays, weddings, etc.  As a single person on a tight budget Linda knew that they just might have an idea.  She started by making the birthday cakes each month at work.  It was here that Linda tried her creations and eventually perfected her craft.  In less than a year's time and many name suggestions later, Linda was ready to launch what is now known as "Aunt Linda's Kitchen". 
Linda credits most of her talents to self education, endless hours of the Food Network and many years working at the bakery.  She has also attended seminars with some of the world’s best known pastry chefs such as Ron Ben Israel and Collette Peters.  Recently, Linda completed a 6-month Pastry Essentials training at the elite French Culinary Institute in New York City.